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let me hit your heart

this is who i am; so i just wanna be true to myself

22 March 1989
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the time is once again moving

.andrea. :)
.20, seattle, WA
.personal journal always open; sometimes stuff is f-locked :>
.keysmashes & fangirls a lot.
.generally very harmless, don't be afraid to say h e l l o, hello ♥
.& proud shawolian; however, stans (almost) everything.
(Everlasting - 4NIA - Beauty - Kamilia - IAM - Kiss Me - V.I.P. etc etc)
.loves survival horror & horror in general.
.current layout by velvetb0x; moodtheme by thievingbird

writing journal & twitter. if you're interested, you can find my kpop-rant-theories journal at rantchu. :)

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"so hot in here with music."
-- narsha, "mamma mia"
2min, anime, azami and akane kiyruu, azumanga-daioh, b-b-b-b-big bang!, b2st/beast, baengsin, being a noona, being a pedo noona, being myself, being vertically challenged, berries, big bang, bling bling jonghyun, cellphones, cheesy horror films, chitose tachibana, clazziquai, comments, cool face, crawlspaces, daesung, daisuke asakura, dancing, dancing in the rain, doesn't afraid of anything, don't like only13, doodling, drugaddict!taemin, earrings, eggos, everything and nothing, failed!ageyo, fanfiction's a drug, fantastic elastic condoms, fatal frame, fatal frame ii, feather pillows, flaming charisma minho, flatscreen monitors, g-dragon, heebum!!!!, heechul!, henry fucking lau, henry lau, hyukjae/eunhyuk, i am pedo noona, i dunno lol, i eat chicken religiously, i really like onew, i stan mblaq!, i write fail porn, inkigayo, jill sandwich, jomiryo, jonghyun's dog, junho's butt!, kevin woo! \o/, key/mir, kim heechul, kkochip, korean starcraft channel, laucifer, leeteuk secretly, mario's masochistic mission, memes, mimi and loach, mir's butt dance!, need to write fanfiction, noona nomu yepboh, noona~, oh oh oppa saranghae, oppa~?, oxygen, photography, precious oppars, pretty cool guy, random engrish sass, raving, reading, resident evil, resident evil 5, robot unicorn attack, rocka rocka so fantastic, roleplaying, rooooo ;3;, sbs gayo daejun, sharpies, shinee, shining shinee, short hair, sleeping in class, slut!taemin, small dogs, smtown, song seunghyun, soohyun \o/, super kaizo world, taemin, taemints, techno, techwhoring, terrifying complete strangers, that minho kid, the ring, the seeker, the zombie invasion, thumbcats wtf wtf wtf, toast, u-kiss, violin boy, wasting space, wesker, what is this even, writing, xander!!!, yaoi, yoseob, zhou-mi, zombie movies